Epic BIM implementation is more than just connecting clients with software. Your team has to know the right software for your project and how to build the most comprehensive models. Your team has to know which kinds of models work for the project at hand and how to make sure every view is covered. Your team also has to understand that deploying BIM should be a standard practice.

We are Epic BIM because we provide our clients with the resources, training, and confidence to be BIM masters. We are Epic because we will work with you to determine exactly which of our services will bring you the highest return. We’re not interested in selling you a sports car when all you need is a trusty sedan.


Strategic Planning

One of our biggest goals is to help AECO firms understand that BIM/VDC is not just about making pretty drawings. BIM is a robust project management tool that will increase efficiency and reduce error.  We can help your team develop a BIM implementation strategy that will grow as your business needs change. The Epic difference is that we can teach your team to look beyond the project at hand. We strive to leave our clients with confidence in their project models and competence with their tools.  We want our clients to be in control of their own future modeling needs. We want the industry to stop looking at BIM as out-of-reach or only for certain kinds of projects. BIM should be implemented as a best practice standard in your firm. We can help you plan a strategy for taking advantage of the power of BIM. We can help make you Epic.



At Epic BIM we believe that process is the backbone of a successful BIM/VDC implementation.  If your organization has just a few rookie designers who need an experienced hand to guide them through the BIM process or your whole team is learning to integrate BIM into their design and management practice, we have the expertise to train them.  We can train your designers to create the most comprehensive process in the industry because we have the real-world AECO experience.

We don’t just stop at software functionality like other BIM/VDC training. Our training is Epic because we use our expertise to train your team to ask the right questions, choose the right models, cover every view, and adhere to your specific contract language.


BIM/VDC Requirements

Sometimes you have a team with the right experience and the right ethic to just get things done. Sometimes you need a little help to get your team members all on the same page. We can help make your team Epic by developing internal BIM/VDC standards for your firm. We will work closely with your design team and management to make sure that every model you create is Epic and cohesive. Our team has spent almost a decade helping draft national standards for BIM implementation in the US, and we can help your team standardize your BIM processes to produce consistent results.


Epic Implementation

We’re all about offering a full spectrum of services. Epic Implementation creates a complete implementation program that covers training, strategic planning, and internal modeling standards. We work directly with your team at all levels, from designers to management, to build your BIM/VDC practice from the ground up. We look at everything from your recent projects to your internal culture and team experience to expected future projects to create a plan that will meet your needs now and as you grow. We know your team can be Epic, and we’ll help you get there.


Stop Gap Services

In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.

— Dwight D. Eisenhower

Even the best laid plans can go awry and you need some help to fill the gap. We are here for you to build the temporary bridge as our clients advance in their BIM/VDC implementation.