October 1, 2015

Epic Relief helps Make-a-Wish
Come True

At Epic BIM, we love being EPIC in all that we do. That is why we have Epic Relief; where we have a chance to give back to the communities we serve as well as causes near and dear to our hearts.

This past weekend, we provided airfare for Brett and his family to see Pope Francis in Philadelphia.  Brett has a rare brain tumor he is fighting. Some days are tough and some are good. Recently Brett wanted to be a Priest for a day for his Make-A-Wish wish. After the stories surfaced about that many people worked to get Brett to see Pope Francis. They had tickets and a hotel but air fare on short notice that was going to be a challenge.

We know Brett and his family through our President, John Grady. His son Charlie, has been fighting brain tumors since 2008. Charlie and Brett have become friends who pray for each other nightly. We are so humbled and happy we were able to provide the airfare so Brett could see the Pontiff.  Check out the link below to read of Brett’s journey to Philly and the exciting adventures and surprises.


August 27, 2015

Constructech Technology Day 2015

Schaumburg, IL

Epic BIM’s John Grady and Connor Christian will be presenting "Real BIM - What to do when BIM goes wrong?” at Constructech’s Technology Day, sharing their experiences with what can go wrong and how to make it right again. Their 30-minute presentation will be followed by a Q&A session.

For more information, or to register for this event, follow the link below:

Constructech Technology Day 2015


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August 11, 2015

Ultimate Goals for BIM

John Grady, president, Epic BIM Consultants, Inc., was recently interviewed on the Peggy Smedley Show, the Voice of IoT in our Connected World. 

During the 12-minute interview, John discusses the growth of CIM (civil information modeling), his vision of BIM (building information modeling) interacting with wearables on job sites to improve safety, and the how the trades are becoming more invested in BIM initiatives. To hear the full interview, follow the link below:

Peggy Smedley Archives 8/11/15 Episode #399 section 3


June 2015

Epic BIM has signed a partnering agreement with Global eTraining to create SketchUp training courses, which will allow them to expand their current offering. In addition to the SketchUp courses, Epic BIM will also be creating specific BIM-use training.

This partnership combines the best-in-class, Global eTraining platform with industry-leading, course content; developed by the industry experts, Epic BIM Consultants, Inc.


July 2015

Epic BIM recently finalized the United Brotherhood of Carpenters (UBC) new BIM course content: BIM Projects. This course covers both BIM software uses and workflows for UBC carpenters' specific BIM use.

The UBC and Epic BIM aren't stopping there. Plans to incorporate BIM-Use training into all applicable courses that the UBC offers are currently in the works.



March 2015

Epic BIM was a major contributor in the much-anticipated, United Brotherhood of Carpenters (UBC) BIM Concepts course, which was launched earlier this month. The initial course provides the trades represented by the UBC, a working knowledge of how BIM impacts their job sites, now and in the future.



February 6, 2015

Epic BIM Consultants, Inc. was incorporated today, to better meet the needs of the building industry. Our goal is to help the industry plan and implement effective Virtual Design and Construction (VDC), Civil Information Modeling (CIM), and Building Information Modeling (BIM) processes.

Building on the systems our clients currently have in place, we intend to help them evolve their building processes; making them both more efficient and profitable. By evolving their current processes, we ensures only the strongest and best practices are used.