About Us

  • We are not a design firm.
  • We don’t have idealized notions about the conception-to-completion process.
  • We are not interested in one-size-fits-all “solutions.”
  • We are veterans of both the military and A/E/C/O industries who have gotten our hands dirty on real-world construction sites.
  • We are nationally recognized experts in BIM technology and implementation.
  • We understand the challenges of coordinating projects of all sizes.
  • We know how important it is to find a solution for the now and the later.

We are not your average consultants. We are Epic BIM.

We are here to guide firms of all sizes through the BIM process by finding best-fit tools, providing intensive training, and establishing best-practice implementation strategies. We are committed to helping firms find a comprehensive and cohesive project management practice by demystifying the BIM process.

We are located in St. Louis, MO, but we provide consulting and implementation support services to firms nationwide. We have 34 years of experience in AECO construction and our team members have spent the last 8 years focusing on BIM implementation strategies and best-practices.

We believe every project can be Epic. We want our clients to connect with, understand, and implement the right tools, training, and resources to make BIM an integral part of their process and practice and make all of their projects truly Epic.


Experienced Consulting
Proven Results
Innovative Technology
Comprehensive Strategy

Our core values come from our experience serving our nation and our community, as well as from our experience in the field. We believe that being Epic requires integrity, innovation, experience, and openness.

At Epic BIM Consultants, Inc., we believe every project can be Epic, so it is our mission to connect every client with the right tools, training, and resources to implement BIM/VDC as a strategy for enhanced service now and continual growth in the future.

Our advantages

Our Approach

In the world of design and construction, schedules are lean, risks are high, and it’s essential to get it right the first time. With the market focused on lean, green, sustainable, and intelligent buildings; the design and construction process is more complicated than ever.

The arrival of BIM/VDC to the industry came with a steep learning curve. Many people are still unsure how to leverage the technology. At Epic BIM, we help our clients navigate the complexities of implementing BIM/VDC technology in their design and construction projects. Since 2011, Epic BIM has been a torchbearer, demystifying BIM/VDC.

We know there isn’t one solution to a problem. We’re here to help find the solution that brings the best results with the highest return. We’re committed to helping our clients find the best value for their budget and growth.

We firmly believe that teaching someone to fish will yield higher long-term results than just handing them a fillet of fish sandwich. We aren’t here to design and model your project. We’re here to teach you how to make advanced technology work for you in the long-term – to harness the power of BIM/VDC to make your operation as efficient and profitable as possible.

Let’s face it, most modelers have mastered the software and may even have a rudimentary understanding of the construction process, but it takes years to become a great builder. Our team has worked on real AECO design and construction projects for over two decades. We use our on-site experience and knowledge when we train our clients. We’ve come a long way from our days wearing tool belts, but that knowledge and experience means we know how to cover every angle and view. We know how challenging it can be to corral the needs of every contractor, subcontractor, vendor, and supplier and to turn all of those needs into a cohesive model.  We’re here to help you develop successful and sustainable processes with BIM/VDC.


National Standards

It is one thing to follow established standards.

Epic BIM helps write the standards.

Our team members have been working with many government and private sector agencies to standardize practices for BIM implementation in AECO industries. We feel it is vital for the standards to be set by industry practitioners with real experience in the field. Our industry can’t set fair, practical, or implementable standards if we don’t draw from the immense knowledge of our tradespeople.

We have spent years working to find a balance between innovation and practicality in implementing BIM/VDC and setting best practice standards. Our team members have helped draft national standards for BIM/VDC implementation in the US. We currently participate in the Standard Practice Subcommittee of the National BIM Standard­­­­­­­­­­­­­–US, an initiative of the National Institute of Building Sciences. We have also worked on the BIM standards and requirements used by the US Army Corps of Engineers.

We firmly believe that Epic standards are drawn from actual use rather than ideal use. We are called to participate in national standard creation to ensure that our industry standards remain grounded in the practical world of design and construction.


Publish or Perish? In addition to writing national standards, Epic BIM has been busy contributing, authoring, and publishing articles and training materials. Several are referenced here:

Addressing BIM Blunders” by Laura Black, Constructech Blog

Laura Black and John discuss reasons BIM implementation can be unsuccessful and Epic solutions for BIM implementation.

Building Information Modeling 1: Concepts. by Connor Christian, John Grady, et. al.for Carpenters International Training Fund. copyright 2013.

A textbook created for the United Brotherhood of Carpenters’ Carpenters International Training Fund. The text explains the basic concepts of BIM creation, application, and implementation. A second volume is expected to be published soon.

Five Ways to Unleash the Power of BIM” by Amy Florence Fischbach,  Electrical Construction & Maintenance

John contributed to this article for Electrical Construction & Maintenance that details the ways BIM can make electrical (and other) construction projects Epic.

Note: Registration required to read entire article.

Is Your Contract Language Killing your BIM Lifecycle Data?” by John Grady and Connor Christian Constructech Blog

John and Connor talk about how to get the most out of BIM by carefully crafting your contract language.

2021 Vision of BIM” by John Grady for the buildingSMART alliance™ 2021 Vision Task Force.

John outlines his vision for the future of BIM technology and integration.

Boosting MILCON Project Performance” by Steve Hutsell, John Grady, and Shawn Foster, M.Same. The Military Engineer Pages 67-68

Outlines the introduction of the Minimum Modeling Matrix (M3) in USACE construction modeling.

Epic Relief

You can’t be Epic if you don’t help your community.

We believe in the kind of corporate responsibility that includes a duty to become connected with and help advance the communities in which we work and live. We also believe that service to our community makes us stronger as a team. That’s why we created our service organization, Epic Relief. We proudly sponsor local community and charity events for causes near to our hearts.

Epic - because the status quo doesn't cut it.