Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

A few years ago I was lucky enough to overhear two people talking about Epic BIM. Their conversation went something like this:

"Have you ever read Epic BIM?"
"You have to read it. It's like everything you wish you could say but can't."

At that moment I was very proud. It was our goal to make sure that the truth about BIM is not obfuscated by the opportunist or the unwitting. That is why it is exciting for me to report that John Grady has taken Epic BIM to the next level. John has officially started Epic BIM Consultants, Inc. I find this exciting because now John is able to put Epic BIM's money where its mouth is: literally. Now those who would like to implement BIM as a business practice have a place to go that is only selling the truth. Epic BIM's sole focus will be to assist its clients using its vast amount of experience and resources to recognize the true value of BIM.

I support John in this effort because I can see that there is an immense need for this in the market place. The role that needs to be filled is one of corporate level strategy. John has been instrumental in corporate level BIM initiatives at multiple companies and is able to bend the ear of many other BIM experts (like myself). But maybe you think that it would be better to just find your own BIM person. Here are the reasons why a BIM consultant might be a better option:

money-smallThe Price of BIM is High

BIM professionals are expensive in today's marketplace because they are rare. Particularly the ones that are effective. A corporate level BIM person in this industry can easily demand a six figure salary. If you are looking to hire someone to do this work you had better be willing to pay for it. If you are a company with a corporate level BIM person that is not making six figures then beware. There is a good chance someone will steal them. This highlights the fact that...

BIM Strategists Are Hard to Find

They just are not out there. You will find a lot of people that know how to use the software well. But they will be lost when you ask them to put together an effective strategy for making BIM a part of your company's daily practice. You can't just pick anyone who knows how to use software and hope they will also know how to roll out company-wide strategy. What you will typically end up with is a very talented modeler that is waiting for some direction that you expected them to create. This demonstrates that...

There is a Lack of BIM Management

If you do not have a BIM person that is also capable of managing BIM at a company level than you are going to have major issues. But it can't be just anyone that knows how to manage. They have to know BIM as well. Without someone to manage BIM for your company you might just end up with expensive software and talented modelers that have no direction. What's worse is that your modelers will also become frustrated because they don't know how to succeed. The person leading BIM for your company needs to be able to define what success looks like for BIM so that individuals have some sense that their work is valued. So far in my experience, the best place to learn about how BIM is successful (or unsuccessful) is to know what is happening with the rest of the industry. Many companies don't see this and end up...

Out of Touch With Industry

It is hard to keep up with BIM. It is a full time job to stay in touch with other BIM professionals and technology companies. Don't be fooled into thinking that just because you have people who know how to use the software that they know how to use it to the best effect. Learning from other BIM professionals is by far the best way to keep from making mistakes. If the person in charge of your BIM program is not well connected than you are probably making costly mistakes.

These are all reasons having a consultant like Epic BIM is a good idea. Hiring Epic BIM would mean you don't have to spend a lot of money taking a chance on someone that might not bring as much value as you were hoping. Epic BIM would help your current leadership stay informed and create a strategy that fits your company. So my advice: if you don't know how to proceed with BIM; if you are confused about your company's direction, and you want someone that is not just talk; call Epic BIM.



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  2. Exciting times for Epic BIM! Having entered into the BIM arena myself only 6 years ago, and being in a position that put me in touch with many of those people at GC’s and MEP’s that were on the forefront of it, I was lucky enough to interact with a very wide variety of people and just as many BIM strategies, workflows, and concepts. John Grady was one of those that clearly stood out as thought leader when it came to BIM implementation, both at the Macro and Micro level. Really excited to see him take that knowledge and apply it across more companies, helping BIM proliferate even more and helping them to be successful with it.

    Shayne Hamel

  3. Epic post Connor!

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