What is going on with Epic BIM?

OK, first off Epic BIM's blog will still remain the same with thought leaders across the industry helping to contribute. As some of you may know I have decided to start Epic BIM Consultants Inc. We want to work with firms to demystify BIM/VDC and the whole process. We have seen it time and again, in fact we have even written about it. BIM/VDC is explained as a complex process where you need experts to do it for you. We believe this is so far off base and it is one of the reasons we decided enough was enough. So please forgive us our lack of postings recently and understand that the Epic BIM site will be

for a short time.

This will not stop us from getting some good post out to you in the near future. If this is how you view BIM/VDC
We are here for you. While we work on the new site please contact John Grady at 314-440-6290 for service inquiries. You can also email the team at jgrady@epicbim.com. Thanks everyone who has supported and supports us as we try to demystify BIM/VDC for the industry.

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