We need your Epic Help!

I don't speak of my personal life here, but I am making an exception to ask for your help.  I am a Marine, who evolved into a Seabee, and I have a son who has been fighting brain tumors since 2008.  He finished his third round of chemo a year ago this week.  He and I are not the reason I am asking our Epic readers for support.  If you turn to the right, you will see a link to a site asking for donations.  This trooper has been battling brain tumors and he is losing that battle. He was made an honorary Marine last year, he is now mine and Dennis' brother.  His mother wants to spend as much time with him as possible.  So I am asking all of our reader to consider donating what you can to assist in helping this family.

We have the best readers blog writers can hope for.  Any amount will add up quickly!   Please consider sharing, so we can help this family out.

Semper Fi and thanks in advance for helping out this little Devil Dog!

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