Software vendors CAN’T bring you to the BIM promise land

Warning rookie blog post…!

It will probably get worse before it gets better, still building the stamina.

Over and over I read other bloggers talking about software and how the vendors have let them down here and there. If they just had this one more feature, it would make their lives simpler. Or only if they knew how “We” do it, everything would be perfect.

The underlying concern is that software CANNOT shape your strategic vision without engagement. It can get you to try things that you never thought of like BIM, or a smart phone. But, if you are relying on a vendor to shape your company’s direction, you might want to look for another career because you will never be a contributing factor within your organization! Look at your executives and how many times do we say “They just don’t get it?” or “They have no idea what I do”… Well this may be a newsflash, but that is why they hired you. If they were BIM visionaries, someone else would most likely employ them. 

By the way, would you want an executive in your minute-to-minute business anyway? I see this all the time in qualifying the buyer, they want you to show their boss “The Feature” that the user is most passionate about, hoping that they cannot only add to their BIM toolkit, but that it will sway the way their boss looks at them. Again, trying to get software to shape their career path and company vision for BIM.

The problem with that, is the boss exposed to this for the first time only sees it as a cost and not as the investment it could be.  What business need has it solved for them? How has it made that person look good, saved the company money, potential to make money, or increased one’s quality of life? These are the tough questions many fail to ask.

Today’s software/hardware world is changing and I agree most vendors still live in the past of the “Transactional Sale”. This was fine in the day of the uneducated buyer, when we were all new at the BIM thing. Now with the hundreds of emails soliciting their product of the 1,2,3,4,5,6,7… D solution that is going to take care of all your problems and growth into the “Hub” or repository of “God for BIM” buyers are becoming more educated. Another newsflash vendors, everyone has the same roadmap!

See tech should never drives one's business. Like I said, it can help open up a different way to thinking or approach to a situation, but should not be the sole source of success. Today’s BIM software world is similar to that of the dot-com era, with all the start-ups in this space. If we look back to those days, many of companies abandoned their core business to jump on the latest rocket. And many of those same companies rode it to the ground. A wise buyer needs to be aware of those days. I will put up another post over the coming month explaining why I feel our world is on the same track and why you, as a BIM Professional, need to be aware.

Until then:
BIM Professionals (No vendor names)

  1. How are you engaging with vendors to support your company’s strategic vision?
  2. Share the horror stories of a failed solution without providing names.
  3. If you could have it all – what does that look like?

Vendors (Don’t solicit your software)

  1. How are you engaging with clients to support their strategic vision?
  2. Share a horrific customer experience without providing names.
  3. If you could have the perfect “Client” – what would they look like?

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  1. John – We make it pretty clear that this is not a forum to promote your software. If you want your software reviewed by the group and then talked about please send me an email and I can help get you connected.


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