What is a BIM Manager anyway?

Between the awkwardness of a project engineer and the dignity of a project director there is a questionable character called a BIM MANAGER.

BIM MANAGERS come in assorted sizes, shapes, and weights but all have the same code: to enjoy every second of every hour of every day, whether at work or at play, and to protest by griping (their most beloved privilege) when given a job to do.

BIM MANAGERS are found everywhere: on job sites, at presentations, on an airplane, in the basement, or more likely than not getting the job done.

A BIM MANAGER is a composite; he has the appetite of a horse, the digestion of a sword swallower, the energy of a pocket sized atomic bomb, the curiosity of a cat, the lungs of a dictator, the imagination of a Paul Bunyon, the slyness of a fox, the enthusiasm of a firecracker, and the spirit of a fighting cock. He likes the end of a workday, vacation, weekends, food, booze, sleep, and the latest new gadget.

They aren't too hot for: BD work, paperwork, overtime, discipline, middle managers, meetings, or rush jobs.

Nobody else is so early to rise without actually wanting to get up. No other person gets so much fun out of their time off and research & development. No other department can get so much done with so little more or have as much fun doing it.

BIM MANAGERS are magical creatures, you can chew them out, but you can't get the work done without them; they are blunt, unpolished, and often times overbearing and somewhat reluctant.

BIM MANAGERS are people of magical abilities, they can model, schedule, layout, estimate, and coordinate. They can make something out of nothing, work never tires them nor do they tire of it.

Their motto is "Can Do" to which they have added "Done and Did", this frequent miraculous occurrence is recognized in the form of a "Well Done" from everyone from the Division President on down.

The average BIM MANAGER is a thick-headed individual of a variety of nationalities. They won't admit it anyone or anywhere except in defense of  their department that they have the best job in their company. Without them the field would have nothing to gripe about, BD would have nothing to talk about, and marketing would have nothing to write about.

For you Seabees reading this you know where I got it from! Keep BIM charging along and get it done.

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