Concrete Zombies

Okay for you loyal followers, I forgot to post yesterday and today. I have found another instance of Sci-Fi and our industry meeting up. And you thought we only talked about BIM. Here is the link:

I have heard of self healing vapor barriers before, and porous concrete but self healing concrete?

Now we have concrete that heals itself because it contains a limestone excreting bacteria that comes to life when exposed to corrosive water that penetrates the concrete. Hopefully it doesn't try and take over the world. It is Halloween afterall, what my kids need are self-healing teeth. So now that we have concrete you can pour water through and concrete that is living and can heal its self, when are we going to get concrete that can place itself and finish itself? Maybe its the Halloween talking, but things they are a changing; and its a little scary. That next slab you demo might just say....Ouch!

Keep an eye out for the Crete Monster, he maybe lurking in the shadows.

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  1. I love it, John… I saw this article and really did not know what to think. There are two things in life that I have always counted on; 1) Taxes, 2) Cracking Concrete.

    Is this article actually telling me that I would have to pay taxes? 🙂 I'm in for that!

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