LOD, its not a dirty word anymore

So I have been eluding to a government agency set to end the LOD battle. Well that agency is the US Army Corp of Engineers. While I may be overreaching saying they ended the battle they have fired the salvo that will shake the BIM world. In fact there probably will be a couple foreheads hurting after you read their new BIM requirements people saying that makes so much sense why didn't I think of that. So without further ado here is the link:


Check it out let us know your thoughts. I think this is a game changer what about you.


  1. I wanted to respond to this blog but my responses were lengthy so I have included a discussion in this regard here: http://www.therevitcoach.com/2012/09/bim-management-lods-pxps-and-changing.html

    The most important aspects of BIM LOD^2's are how we change the modeling culture. It's about the "informed model", we need more communication from these planning meetings.

  2. The M3 is part of the USACE PxP subbmittal so in essence it is part of the PxP.

  3. Shannon L.

    This M3 is a great tool. Much more understandable and easier to use that others that I've seen. I think every PxP should adopt this M3, it would be a great addition to your plan.

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