What is Epic Bim?

So why Epic BIM? Trying to relate this journey to the Iliad one might even say that the "D" are like the sirens and they present a grave danger while looking innocent. Whether you are a trailblazer in BIM or just setting out in your journey it will be epic and you will face many trials and tribulations along the way. Using BIM on a project doesn't give you Achilles' shield, you have to know your art in order to succeed with BIM. Designers have to still be good designers, starting a file in Revit for the first time doesn't make you Frank Lloyd Wright. This holds true for all disciplines BIM is not the magic "Easy Button" so many are searching for, it is a tool in our tool belts.

Epic BIM is about giving a raw unfiltered look a BIM, you may not agree with the ideas we present; that is good we want to offer challenges to the BIM mindset. We do want your thoughts and ours to work together to generate a BIM discourse. We cannot and will not solve our challenges in BIM if we remain hidden by buzzwords with myriad definitions and implement it different on each project, at times different at each phase of the project. Through discourse we can shape BIM together as an industry; look at how discourse has shaped nations.

So who is Epic BIM? It started out as just my thoughts and now after some of you have read my rants, I freely admit it times they are and they will be rants, you asked if you could contribute. I have started working with like minded colleagues and have asked them if they would like to contribute. The resounding answer has been, yes. So you will start seeing other names posting here. Some may even be competitors, some will be designers, and if I am lucky we will even have a few owners. If you are interested send an email to jgrady@epicbim.com with your contact and post idea. You will need to keep in mind that this is like "Fight Club" there are some simple rules, and here they are:

The Golden Rule: Keep It Simple Stupid we all know something but none of us knows it all.

First rule of Epic BIM is no BIM egos, we all have something to contribute.

Second rule you leave your company at the door because this is about BIM not your company

Third rule posts will not be a masters dissertations, plenty of places for that just not here, keep it light.

Fourth rule the golden rule and rule 1 govern at all times.

So if you are interested let me know I welcome you to the discourse.

So in essence, Epic BIM is a place to look at BIM in a different light, one that asks us to challenge the status quo and ask if it is really necessary to use a sledge hammer to kill a fly.

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