BIM/VDC has developed into much more than the delivery of 2D Documents. Let us help leverage technology to enhance your design process.


Current BIM/VDC guides suggest that owners will, and should, direct BIM on a project. Let us help ensure that the BIM/VDC process meets your needs.


Experts? We write industry standards, train the trades, and have real construction field experience. Let us help you make BIM/VDC a functioning part of your standard operating procedure.


What We Do

At Epic BIM we believe BIM/VDC can greatly enhance the processes for your projects and your organization.  BIM/VDC has become standard practice in the AECO industry, but the rapid change in technology and a limited set of BIM/VDC experts has left many companies searching for solutions.  Epic BIM Consultants are here to make sure our clients have the right tools, training, and resources to make BIM/VDC an integral part of their daily practice and long term strategy.

Why Epic?

The industry is facing Epic problems that require Epic solutions.  Today there are more requirements to meet, products to choose from, and information to incorporate in our projects and facilities.  There is also less time, manpower, and expertise available to achieve our goals.  At Epic BIM we see that the traditional methods of performing work are becoming more difficult to continue.  Using BIM/VDC processes to enhance your workflows can help your organization keep up with our changing industry.  We are Epic because the status quo doesn’t cut it.

How We Are Different

We aren’t a software vendor or reseller. One-size-fits-all doesn’t work for BIM/VDC. We believe that our clients’ needs come first, so we are determined to connect them with best-fit tools and to teach them best-practice implementation from the start. We understand that needs change as projects change, so we are focused on making sure that the products and training we provide to our clients can grow with them. We are committed to helping our clients understand and implement the Epic power of BIM in ways that will make them continually on-time, on-budget, and profitable.

Because we aren’t a reseller or software vendor, we are proud to offer fully-rounded services by connecting our clients with other best-in-class providers to make sure every aspect of their project is Epic.

Why We Are Different

We have the experience. We have the training. We understand the challenges.

Epic BIM Consultants, Inc. was founded in 2011 by veterans. Our team has over 34 years of experience in AECO design and construction project management, the past 8 of which has been focused on BIM/VDC implementation.

We love technology, but we’re different because we have the real-world, down-and-dirty job site experience to make advanced BIM technology accessible and effective for our clients.

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